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Partial Discography

Janet Jackson  “Janet”  - Mix Engineer  Grammy Nomination - Best Engineered Album

Kirk Franklin  "Lean On Me" - Recording Engineer
Grammy Nomination - Best Engineered  Album/ Song of the Year
Grammy Award - Best Gospel Album"

TLC  “Fan Mail”- Recording Engineer
​Grammy Nomination - Best Engineered Album 

  • -Janet Jackson   “All For You” - Mix Engineer 
    -Usher  “8701” - Recording Engineer 
    ​-George Benson “Standing Together” - Recording/ Mix Engineer

    -Daniel Rodriguez “In the Presence” - Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer

    -Al Jarreau “All I Got” - Recording/ Mix Engineer

    -Yolanda Adams “Christmas Album” - Mix Engineer

    ​-Tom Scott  “New Found Freedom” - Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer

    -Lionel Ritchie  “Renaissance” -Recording/ Mix  Engineer

-Sting  "Emperor’s New Groove" - Recording Engineer 

-Jennifer Lopez  “On The 6” - Recording Engineer 

-Mint Condition  “Definition Of A Band “ - Mix Engineer

-Bobby Brown   "Your Tender Romance"- Mix Engineer

-Luther Vandross/Janet Jackson:  “ Mo' Money “ Soundtrack 

Sounds Of Blackness “Sounds Of Blackness” - Mix Engineer 

-Peter White  “Perfect Moment” -  Recording / Mix Engineer

​-Ann Nesby   “I’m Here For You”  Record/Mix - Engineer

​-Boney James  “Sweet Thing” - Mix Engineer